Mary & Martha Suppers 2024

Meetings will be in person in Orange at 6:30 PM. Supper included. A reservation is required. Please contact Marcia to RSVP.

Mentoring Meetings - 2024

Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM on Skype and in person. To join this group contact Marcia for an invitation and/or Skype link.

No Workshops Scheduled for 2024

However, Marcia recently completed the workshop series, Step Away from Your Painful Past. The workshop sessions covered the following topics: Family restoration and reparation; Restoring right relationships and transforming future relationships; How to honor Father and Mother and healing parental hurts; Healing pain of divorce for divorced persons and children of divorced parents; How to Pray for children – foster and adopted children & those with childhood trauma; Breaking agreements made with fear; Forgiving yourself and forgiving God; Breaking the hindrances of inner vows; and How to avoid judgment.

You can watch these workshops and more on Marcia’s YouTube Channel.

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