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Marcia Chang Vogl

Marcia's Bio

Marcia Chang Vogl is an ordained minister with graduate degrees in Education including a Doctorate in Practical Ministry, She serves as the Director of Bethany Projects with Hidden With Christ Ministries.

She creates and implements workshops for groups of five to fifty people concerning spiritual issues. As a trans-denominational minister, she has ministered to a Chinese-speaking church (with an interpreter), to a group of pastors, and to adult fellowships. She leads prayer meetings, seminars, and retreats (by invitation), in addition to private prayer counseling sessions regularly.  Her focus is on inner healing and deliverance for all God’s people.

Her combined experiences as a former public school teacher and a college mentor, give breadth and depth to her teaching.  The leaders she has mentored have impacted the world in business, education, churches, and faith-based organizations throughout the US and internationally, including the nations of Asia and Africa. Her passion for traveling the world and serving as a Global Volunteer in Xian, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam has provided her with culturally relevant experiences which are expressed in her books.

Publications: (found on Amazon.com)

The Path Forward

Dancing with God, The Christian Journey to Live Supernaturally

Training to Reign, The Christian Guide to Spiritual Maturity.

Her articles and devotionals have been published in Christiandevotions.us online magazine, Purpose Magazine, a Menno Media publication, and The Secret Place, Judson Press.

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